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Discover the Freemotion Fitness Shoulder Press machine, a key asset for commercial fitness facilities. Elevate shoulder strength training and provide a focused workout experience for your clients. Explore a complete range of Freemotion Fitness products designed to enhance your gym's performance.

Freemotion Fitness Shoulder Press

Artikelnummer: ES807
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1. Versatile Grip Options

  • Enjoy a pronated or neutral grip with the specially designed padded handles, perfect for targeting the shoulders.

2. Convenient Accessory Management

  • Keep your workout essentials within reach using the top-mounted accessory trays located on the weight stack.

3. Floor-Friendly Design

  • Heavy-duty rubber feet provide excellent floor protection, ensuring your workout space remains damage-free.

4. Robust Construction

  • Crafted from durable 11- and 7-gauge steel, and electrostatically powder-coated, this machine is engineered to endure the demands of any weight room.

5. Easy Maintenance

  • The tower design facilitates straightforward and routine cable service, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

6. Enhanced Safety

  • The enclosed weight stack restricts access to moving parts, prioritizing safety during your workouts.
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