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Explore the Freemotion Fitness Total Quad/Hip machine, a versatile addition for commercial fitness facilities. Elevate lower body workouts and provide a comprehensive exercise experience for your clients. Discover a complete range of Freemotion Fitness products designed to enhance your gym's performance.


Freemotion Fitness Total Quad / Hip

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1. Transition from Isolation to Integration

  • Utilize the multi-grip handle to isolate the upper body for balance, or release it to seamlessly integrate more muscle groups into your workout routine.

2. Effortless Start with Walk-Up Design

  • Begin your workout without the need for adjustments—simply walk up, don the foot harness, and start your exercise routine.

3. Tailored Foot Harness Design

  • Experience comfort and versatility with a specially designed foot harness featuring a boot-like shape to accommodate users with various foot sizes.

4. Full Range of Motion with Extensive Cable Travel

  • Achieve a comprehensive workout with extensive cable travel, allowing for full flexion and extension: 37 in / 93.9 cm.

5. Safety-Focused Design

  • Ensure safety during your workout with an enclosed weight stack, limiting access to moving parts and minimizing the risk of accidents.

6. Durable Construction for Longevity

  • Built to endure the challenges of the weight room, the machine is constructed with 11- and 7-gauge steel and electrostatically powder-coated for lasting durability.

7. Enhanced Machine Protection

  • Preserve the machine's integrity with large, 16-gauge stainless steel kick plates, providing robust protection against wear and tear.
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