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Works with PL-300 and PL-500 Series racks and cages the Pro Maxima PL-220D Dip Attachment—a pivotal addition for B2B fitness environments. Crafted for durability and functionality, this attachment seamlessly transforms your Pro Maxima power rack into a comprehensive dip station. Ideal for gyms, strength training facilities, and fitness studios, the PL-220D features heavy-duty construction, easy attachment, and ergonomic design, providing a targeted solution for upper body workouts. Elevate your fitness facility with the reliability and performance of the Pro Maxima PL-220D Dip Attachment.

Pro Maxima PL-220D Dip Attachment

Artikelnummer: 48454
exkl. MwSt.
Brand Pro Maxima
SKU 48454
Sold As single unit
Shipping Weight 25.0 lbs
Made in USA Yes
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